What graphic designers think about the Google logo

Google's seena lot of changes recently, and the latest came yesterday, when the tech company surprised everyone withtheir new logo. In one of the biggest changes since 1999, Google's new logo uses a simpler sans-serif typeface.

The new logo had to work well in constrained spaces and maintain consistency across many products, the company explained in a blog post.Many iterations of the new logo ended up on the cutting room floor. So how did Google do? We picked the brains of some graphic and type designers to see what they thought.

New Google logo GIF New Google logo GIF

"They've chosen to emphasize every circle they could find, which is an effective way to create a friendly and approachable impression. But that makes the l' stand out a bit awkwardly, being the only entirely straight shape. Being the only green letter doesn't help either, so it's tempting to parse this as 'Googe.' But they did well to retain this distinctive sequence of colors they were the only way http://pixelfury.org I could 'glance' this as being Google. I don't think this redesign speaks to any larger trend, because clean simplicity will always succeed, even if it doesn't excite. But I really hope this e' does not become a thing." Tobias Frere-Jones, type designer at Frere-Jones Type

"Goo / Holds the World together."

"I would change the name to Goo. It's immediately recognizable and fits the technical criteria of taking up less space and reducing the bandwidth needed. Also: subhead: Goo / Holds the World together." Milton Glaser, graphic designer

"Seeing the Google animation for the first time, I felt I was looking at a Paul Rand http://www.art.appstate.edu/graphicdesign.php logo. The alternating primary colors, the name turning into a G and the playful pulsating dots, each by themselves recalled his Modern play principal. I don't know how long it will be until the animation gets tiresome, but it is a pleasure to watch it going through its cycle now." Steve Heller, art director and journalist.

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Bradley Cooper's Workout Routine

The movie The Hangover was an incredible success. And no one in the movie capitalized on the success more than Bradley Cooper. The great looking, funny and fit Cooper had all the tools needed to be a huge star in Hollywood. He just needed a movie that was a huge hit and the The Hangover delivered big time.

Coming off the success of The Hangover, Bradley Cooper became a hot commodity. The opportunities and movie roles poured in. Cooper finally had his choice of good roles and could be more selective about the movies he choose to be in. Then came the biggest opportunity of all. A chance to star in a sure thing, big budget summer blockbuster: The A-Team.

Remember the 80's television show The A-Team? It was freaking awesome! It had action and comedy and mixed them together in a very entertaining way. The characters were great and show was always a little unbelievable but, heh, it could have happened. Well, Cooper jumped at the chance to star in The A-Team. But not without putting in some serious work first.

Why Cooper Had To Workout Like A Madman

In the movie Cooper plays Templeton "Faceman" Peck, a Special Forces soldier. Cooper had the charm and the looks to play Faceman, but he was missing one thing: the body. While his current body was better than average he needed to be in outstanding shape for this role to make it look believable. Special Forces soldiers are some of the most well built and put together guys out there. They have to be for the incredibly difficult jobs that they have to perform. So Cooper had to look like and be in great condition to be believable playing this role.

The Workout Routine Cooper Used To Get Ripped

To ensure that he had well rounded physique, Bradley Cooper used a routine called "3-2-1." This routine incorporates 3 cardio circuits, 2 strength training circuits and 1 core circuit. Each circuit is performed for 10 minutes. This makes your workout only an hour long but it will be fast paced and intense. You better be ready to bring it or you'll have trouble finishing!

How To Perform The Workout

Begin the workout with a 10 minute cardio session. This could be something like running for distance at a moderate pace, rowing for distance on a rowing machine or running on a treadmill. Immediately follow that up with a 10 minute strength training circuit. Pick 3 exercises and make sure you chose exercises that will use multiple muscles - say pull ups, squats and bench press - not isolation movements like bicep curls, leg extensions and tricep push downs.

Next do 10 minutes of high intensity cardio intervals. This could be something like 50 yard sprints, speed jump roping or even running in place with high knees. Now it back to a strength training circuit. Again chose 3 exercises that use multiple muscles - like dead lifts, push ups and push press - and lift for 10 minutes. One final cardio session is then performed. This should be something like middle distance running, a Stairmaster or and elliptical machine. Finish off the workout with 10 minutes of core work such as planks, v-ups and french twists.

You Too Can Get Great Results From This Workout

Bradley Cooper's Workout can be done by anyone. You just to scale the time that you do it in. Do each circuit in 5 minutes until you build up the stamina to do it for a full 10 minutes. Make sure you are using weights that are challenging but not too heavy that you can't complete a second round. Build up your baseline of conditioning then ramp up the intensity and time.

Remember the order "3-2-1" is Cardio, Strength Training, Interval Cardio, Strength Training, Cardio and Core work. Follow this workout and begin your way to better fitness.


Training To Get A Marathon By Using An Elliptical

If ?ou\'ve nev?r run ? half marathon b?f?re y?u\'r? pr?bably wondering where to begin with your training. In short, to have six pack abs, you have to get leaner and develop your abs\' musculature. People that run as much as Sixty miles per week can be observed as advanced.

Undoubtedly, allowing a young child to coach for any marathon does entail greater http://www.stylecraze.com/articles/womens-fitness/ risk. The second thing is, your amount of workout will probably be greater and much more intensive should you are following a specialist training program. A thousand and one questions is planning to be racing through your mind inside the lead up for the big day. Short runs ?r? ?ls? ??rt ?f th? routine, but ??uld b? performed ?t wh?t?v?r rate ??u choose.

Source: Camp, S. You should write out your goals on a bit of paper and examine them everyday, this helps you stay motivated and reminds you of what it is you might be training for. Marathon running shoes are most important section of marathon gear. Marathon running shoes are most critical part of marathon gear. It gets results-guaranteed.

Which exercises would you do if you only had 20-30 minutes for a quick workout and no special equipment?

I hate running but I do that from time to time.

Air squats, pushups, burpees, there are several things. I have a good CrossFit book that has some good hotel room workouts that I would dig into if I needed such a workout.


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Weight training + yoga = intensity with a rest

I DON'T FUNCTION well at 6 a.m., so I was happy to start on my back on my yoga mat, eyes closed, brain half asleep. The lights in the room at Sol Yoga in Leschi were dim. Teacher Allison Barnes' voice was soothing. I thought about how nice it would be to nap for the next 60 minutes.

I kept my eyes closed through the entire opening series -- cat/cow, downward dog, a passive forward fold. I reluctantly opened my eyes for the yoga flow, which was still nice and relaxing. I was happy to breathe, do a few lunges and balancing poses and to sweat just enough in the heated room.

But about 35 minutes into the practice, Allison opened the front door, and cold air rushed in. She cranked up the music. She told us to fetch a weight.

This is what we were here for. It was time for the HIIT (high-intensity interval training) part of Yoga HIIT. In other words, time to wake up.

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Sol Yoga offers a combination yoga and high-intensity interval training class using dumbbells and medicine balls. The idea is to do some explosive, intense work to supplement a regular yoga practice (other studios in Seattle offer similar classes).

I have resisted combining yoga with other activities, a trend the past few years since yoga became mainstream. I love yoga. I like working out to loud music in a gym. I'm not generally interested in doing both in the same class.

But a friend told me not to think of yoga with weights as yoga; it's weight training.

OK, fine. I'll go.

We grabbed a heavy dumbbell and started with thrusters. We held our dumbbell at our chests with both hands, did a squat and then pressed the dumbbell above our heads. We worked 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off. Allison encouraged us to move as fast as we could while maintaining form. My legs and glutes protested. This ain't yoga, kids.

We moved into another combination, starting with a plank and jumping quickly forward to a squat and back again to plank. We rotated that with dynamic squats, taking a wide squat, hopping our feet together and jumping back as quickly as possible.

By the second round of squats, my legs were burning and I had to keep reminding myself it was only 20 seconds.

Next up was mountain runners -- running in place in a plank position -- with an added twist and leg extension. We mixed those in with kettlebell swings using our dumbbells. This round wasn't as bad, but my legs were now exhausted.

We closed our interval training with core work. By then, I was awake, but my body was done.

A great bonus when combining yoga with weights is the stretching built into the class. We did some hip and hamstring stretches before settling in for final rest. Ah, this is the reason to add yoga to a weight-training class, I thought before I drifted off.

I underestimated how fun it is to add interval training to a yoga practice. It's not the same experience as a yoga class, although you will get the benefit of breathing and yoga poses. Rather, it felt like we did yoga to prepare our bodies for the conditioning work and to support ourselves afterward. Doing weights with yoga will elevate your heart rate, tax your muscles and, if you need some help waking up early in the morning, it will do that, too.

Nicole Tsong teaches yoga at studios around Seattle. Read her blog at papercraneyoga.com. Email: papercraneyoga@gmail.com. Benjamin Benschneider is a Pacific NW magazine staff photographer.